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Insert-A-Mate's-Name Postcards, by duMer(rick)

Insert-A-Mate's-Name Postcards Set of 16

A barbed limerick for every mate's foible.

Have a dig. Think of a mate. Recall her or his likes, dislikes, sports, hobbies, interests, relationships, whatever.

Tennis? Got that covered.

Golf? That too.

And fishing. Pull her/his leg about it.

Cooking? Yep.

Shops till she/he drops? Mock it.

Glued to social media? Worth a dig.

Having an affair?

Plays the stockmarket?

Loses to the bookies?

Drinks a bit? Dines out a lot? Into a new diet?

All there

Buy now and enjoy a laugh just in the reading. Insert names (or keep for special occasions) and post and get another laugh at your mates' reactions when they get their postcard from you (or from Anon?!)

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Novels by Robin duMerrick (Good-read thrillers set in Oz!)

BRIEF: The spiking murder of a tuna poacher in Port Lincoln brings ex-tunaman, ex-water policeman and dabbler in ancient scripts, Frank (Turk) Sweet, out of healing retreat after his mutilation by The Chair, top dog of the Chinese Mafia.

Turk’s reluctant return to Port Lincoln at the bidding of his old mentor, Boss Bulin, to catch the killer lays him open to new hells.

For one, unexpected danger from old mates as murderous as the Asian toe-cutter he has vowed to one day track down.

For another, having to confront an old love for his mentor’s daughter that is both unfinished business and hopelessly taboo.

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BRIEF: The skinny-dipper sightings from the deck of Denny Traeger’s commuter ferry fast-track from mere curiosity to a hell-ride.

Is his “Streaker” the spirit of a seahorse-tattooed water taxi driver who drowned seventeen years ago in his teenage estuarine playground on the very day he has a complete memory blank?

His quest to find out pits him against his shrink, Dr Laura Schebel, who is treating him for dissociative amnesia causing sexual dysfunction.

Also against mystery assassins.

And against cold case detective, Cassandra Koh, who suspects him guilty of this and another murder the same night … of a young boy … by a paederast.

His struggle for answers triggers the gut-wrenching recall of his missing day and the traumatic event that caused it. Peaking with a confrontation that leaves him fighting for his life.

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BRIEF: Ray Dunn’s news-beat is predawn to gridlock in and around the in-city water precinct of Darling Harbour. Human interest stuff. Chatty. Lightweight. Nothing to make him accident prone.

But his fourth close shave convinces him that some dark conspiracy needs him out of the way. Trouble is, everyone else thinks he’s paranoid. His boss’s wife, Casey, he’s shacked up with. New love Ketta Fisk. Counter Terrorism Command’s Chief Super Sam Slater. Daily publisher Big Jack Birkinstock when Dunn airs the absurd claim that jihardists are planning to blow up a cruise ship dockside.

While “saving” the town from one “crisis-in-his-own mind”, Dunn slam-dunks a citizen. It gets him fired. Kicked out of Casey’s penthouse. Dumped by Ketta. Derided by “Slammin’ Sam”.

When reality hits the fan, only his Gran, a police bomb dog named Smuts, and a surly ex-Navy Scot believe in him in his battle against the odds to save five thousand lives in “his town”.

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BRIEF: If you like your PIs tall, tough—and stunningly female—you’ll love Catryn Barillo.

An elite athlete turned PI , Cat clashes with the Law and two of her ex-lovers in the quest to prove her client innocent.

But not without help from witchery: from a Wiccan tenant and a spooky Bengal cat named Tamsin that adopts her.

The crime she’s dealt involves the grisly murder of a sleazy kid’s coach.

Could the motive be revenge? Or could it be the pursuit of a cap that belonged to cricket legend, Sir Donald Bradman, worth $400,000?

Cat battles depression, crooked cops, an ex-lover who launders money for the Chinese Mafia, and the threat of losing her PI licence to find the answers.

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BRIEF: London-based Lady Jessop Chilcott has reason to dislike her retainer in far-off North Queensland, Ted Tarran. The recent death of her husband, Sir Jessop, has left young Rose broke—her Notting Hill home gone—the sale of Sir Jess’s prized yacht Passionflower he kept in charter in the Great Barrier Reef’s Whitsunday Islands her only hope.

But Tarran won’t sign off on the survey report needed to make the sale because of a hidden cache he has x-rayed in the yacht.

Was Sir Jess a part-time smuggler on his biannual trips Down Under? Were his gambling debts in the UK the motive? Tarran demands she come to the Whitsundays to help him answer the questions.

Against all her upbringing, Rose seduces Tarran into helping her prove Sir Jess was no smuggler.

But the truth proves even more painful and leads them both into danger. Forcing the Lady to turn unladylike and use her assets as an elite athlete to exact revenge against an unsuspected villain for the harm he causes Ted, a man she has learnt to love.

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BRIEF: From the outset, Annie Terter is sure the Baron’s new marina manager, Jack Pallant, will add to her woes, gorgeous as he is.

Annie’s partner long abandoned her and small daughter, Dodi, to their struggling yacht charter business in tropical North Queensland. Cyclone Amora—the “love storm”— is boring down on the Whitsunday Islands, scaring off hirers. Her yachtmaster is lusting after her. And business rival Carla Champion is using Pallant to seek revenge for Dodi bloodying her kid’s nose.

Daughter of a Seattle policeman, Annie is a born fighter. But her biggest battle is over her flip-flop in feelings for Pallant: her business foe by day, attentive lover by night. She is starved of love and Dodi adores him.

The Baron’s latest demands send Annie off to spite Pallant on a picnic cruise with her yachtmaster—right into the path of Cyclone Amora.

Even rescued by Pallant, Annie denies her feelings. Until the hurricane attacks the yacht they are sheltering in, almost killing him. Then with Cyclone Amora ranting her disapproval, the lovers show what a real “love storm” is all about.

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BRIEF: If you know someone who suffers from depression—the Black Dog—you’ll feel for Russ Harper even before his wife’s rape and death.

But why, soon after the funeral, would he leave on a Great Barrier Reef cruise ship?

Because that is where the rapist escaped to. And, despite the Black Dog, Harper has pledged to find the rapist, even though his only clue is a tattoo on the man’s buttock.

The quest turns a voyage through a tropical paradise into a hell cruise, the only glimmer of light being Renee Fielding, the partner of a burly sawmiller.

But when it comes time for revenge, Harper doesn’t count on also endangering Renee. Nor on learning how big a toll an avenger must pay to exact retribution.

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