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Double release: Streaker and Love Kills Twice

Print and e-book publication of both at Amazon.

Both set in locales I know well and love. So will you (if you can stand the suspense).

Streaker (a novella based on my screenplay) is a murder mystery set in Pittwater north of Sydney. Love Kills Twice is a crime thriller set in Port Lincoln, home of the largest bluefin tuna fishing fleet in the world. Click on either cover at right to read a synopsis or sample pages on Amazon or go to my page there to read more on any of the six other titles mentioned following this.

Sports Witch also at Amazon

A lady PI who hates to lose needs to be more than an ex-sports star to solve the murder of a sleazy kid's coach and the whereabouts of a long lost cap of the world's greatest batsman, Sir Donald Bradman. A tenant who is a male witch and a blow-in Bengal cat named Tamsin suggest she needs to avail herself of the mysterious powers of witchcraft — including coven business conducted skyclad.

The launches follow recent publication of two novels in the Whitsunday Island Trilogy: Lovestorm in Paradise and The Lady Could Kill for Love. Also Black Dog Cruise and First Rays.

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