Have you ever wished to kill? Here, some took their wish to the brink. Their motives. What stopped them. Their regrets either way.

WANTED: Your confessions!

I Almost Committed Murder (IACM) is a true crime book project looking for your story.

Did you follow through on the dark plotting most of us do only in the mind at some time or another when sorely tempted? Did your conscience or the Fates intervene only at the last moment to deflect you from the kill? If so, I want to hear from you to write it up into IACM along with others from around the world.

(Noting that confession is good for the soul! And aware, as you are, that there's no such thing as an "almost committed crime" to interest the Law in your revelation.)

You'll earn a free copy of IACM when published. If, that is, your story is intriguing enough to engage readers in your journey to the brink of becoming a murderer. If it is, begin here right now with....

Your name (an alias is fine):

Summarise your would-be crime:

Gender of your target(s): Male, Female, Mixed
No. of targets:
Your relationship to your target(s):
Your motive in less than 400 characters (about 65 words):
Where in the world was the crime almost committed?
In which state/province?
In which year?
Your murder plot in less than 600 characters (100 words):
What stopped you? (eg, conscience, cold feet, alibi fell through, Fate, etc)
To what country do I call to get the full story:
Cell/mobile phone number:
I'll call soon. If your story is interesting enough to appear in IACM, you'll get a FREE copy.
Charlotte says:
"Oh the webs we weave."